For children who are unable to remain living in their homes, T.C. Harris offers traditional residential programs on campus in our main residential building. These programs provide highly-structured, therapeutic living environments in a less-restrictive setting for children and adolescents not yet ready for community-based living arrangements. We have the ability to offer services for male and female students on separate residential hallways for their daily living and therapeutic programming.
T.C. Harris School has the ability to provide secure treatment alternatives to better serve students with the most extreme behavioral challenges. Students within our secure residential programs need the added benefit of a secure setting while still receiving therapeutic care and attention to help improve overall functioning with the goal to transition to a less-restrictive setting. This setting allows for a higher staff-to-student ratio to provide the necessary supervision and skills training these students need. Typically students in our secure programs have very poor impulse control that lends them to be acutely aggressive or self-injurious. Many of these students have been unsuccessful in other programs as they have not been able to handle the intensity of the student’s behaviors along with their intellectual/developmental disability.

FRPhoto_130818N_C1_049Day school at T.C. Harris is designed for students who are able to remain living in their home, but who have difficulty functioning in their home school environment, despite the best efforts of the public school.

T.C. Harris works closely with the student’s local school district to create a student-centered curriculum, with the goal of returning each student to their home school system following a successful period of therapeutic intervention and academic services.

T.C. Harris offers a wide variety of comfortable, safe, and welcoming classrooms to accommodate the unique needs of our student population.