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Education Services

Academic instruction is a critical component of any student’s success at T.C. Harris.

The treatment plan encompasses the planning and implementation of a student’s development in the areas of gross and fine motor development, social-emotional learning, leisure skills, language and communication skills, functional living skills, and development of traditional academic skills in all curriculum areas. Instructional planning emphasizes the teaching and application of these skills in a more functional sense where they will be most useful for the child and foster independence.

Our Classrooms

T.C. Harris offers an array of classrooms led by licensed teachers to meet the individual needs of our students in the setting most appropriate for their learning. Students are placed into a classroom according to age, social and behavioral skills, functioning level, and cognitive ability, with consideration for individual vocational and educational needs. Teacher aides and experienced support staff in the classroom are available to further assist our students in meeting their academic goals.

Female teacher with multiple students

Traditional Academic

These classrooms have an emphasis on social studies, science, language arts, reading, and math with the goal of obtaining a high school diploma.

The elementary, middle school, and high school traditional academic classrooms focus on subjects including language arts, reading, math, spelling, science, social studies and health. Additionally, the high school level rooms also offer career planning, economics, geography, government, algebra, and any specific requirement for high school graduation.

Female teacher with male student

Functional Academic

Functional academic classrooms focus on practical reading, language arts and math, as well as the acquisition of skills to live independently in the community.

Students within the functional academic rooms are working towards their certificate of completion. Curriculum in these rooms include vocational training, career planning, occupational therapy and speech groups, current events, social skills groups, and emotional development.

Classroom with female teacher and multiple students

Essential Skills

Students in the Essential Skills classrooms receive more intensive instruction and training on basic activities of daily living as well as pre-academic skills.

The Essential Skills classrooms provide support for communication by utilizing a variety of communication modalities to support the individual needs of students. Sensory integration is part of the daily activities within these classrooms.

Our Education Team

The T.C. Harris Education Team consists of highly qualified and experienced educators, certified by the Indiana Department of Education.

  • Education Leadership: Education Director, Two Assistant Education Directors, Two Education Coordinators.
  • In Classroom: Special Education Teachers, Teacher Aides, and Education Support Professionals.
  • Education Support Professional: Provide additional support for staff and students.
  • Speech Pathologist and SLPA: Our Speech and Language Pathologists target student’s IEP goals in the areas of speech, language, social communication, as well as support residential and school teams on an as needed basis.
  • Occupational Therapists: Occupational Therapists target student’s IEP goals in the areas of sensory and emotional regulation, life skills, self-cares, functional and vocational skills, and other daily activities, in order to help support student’s unique needs, minimize barriers to accessing their education, and promote independence.
  • Day School Case Manager: offers case management services to our day school students.

Education Details

Individualized Education Program

Each student is formally assessed for educational abilities and current progress at least three times annually. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is generated annually which is designed to provide ongoing, individualized education through interventions prescribed to meet specific student needs. Progressing on IEP goals is completed every nine weeks.


Many T.C. Harris classrooms utilize 1:1 devices to support academic growth through technology. Teachers inspire excitement with learning and engagement by integrating technology into the classroom and daily instruction. Technology is integrated into the classrooms through the use of SMART Boards and Google Classroom. Student computer use is monitored in real-time by GoGuardian to ensure student safety and educational progress.

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